The Ghostbuster Kittens

June 18, 19, & 20, 2010

I caught two of the four kittens -- Winston and Egon -- in my homemade trap.

The fourth kitten -- Peter -- held out, staunchly avoiding our lures of tuna and kitten food, until late the following night.  Peter and Ray looked so much alike that we had to mark the inside of Peter's ear with a purple felt pen to tell them apart.  These days, they wear differently colored collars.

We named the four kittens for the Ghostbusters.  My mom kept Winston and Egon.  Peter and Ray came to live with me.


There were kittens living underneath my mother's house, so I built a trap out of string and an old sheet to catch them.  I waited on the roof for two and a half hours, without moving at all, until the kittens were all in the middle of the trap.  Then, I pulled the trap up as fast as I could.

We caught the third kitten -- Ray-- in a standard live trap borrowed from the Human Society later that night.

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