April, '13

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Gathering April fowers.  (4/2/13)

Elaine's first ever No Shame performance!    (4/5/13)

Ice Cream Shop Animal Song
by Elaine Lowd

A cat and a dog went to an ice cream shop for some ice cream.  As they went there, they met a monkey.  Each table held four people each.  Four people each.  Four people each.  On their way, they met a zebra who wanted to come too.  Now there's enough people for this table!

Each table had a cat, a dog, a monkey, a zebra!  So, all the tables were full.  Everyone else wasn't there.  They were at the store or at home.

So cool she sleeps in sunglasses.  (4/5/13)

Elaine imagines performing for the Washington Park Ampitheater.  (4/7/13)

Elaine and Trugo at the Portland International Rose Test Garden.  (4/7/13)

The Circus Flower

by Elaine Lowd

   Once upon a time, a clown picked a flower.

   The circus flower said, "No, no, you're from the circus.  I help the circus with all my shine and sparkles.  I must be planted in the ground."

   "You can join the circus.  I'll plant a new flower."

   And so he did.

   And the circus flower did.

   And it was fun.
Posing proudly with a book she wrote for the Kid Author program in her kindergarten -- every Friday, kids can read books they've written aloud to the class.  (4/11/13)

"So, we rock!  Rock, rock, rock!  Rock'n'roll!  Singing loud!  For all your friends!  Rock, rock, rock!  Rock'n'roll!"  (4/12/13)

Reading Ramona the Pest for her school's Reading Olympics.  (4/17/13)

"...because they're both circles, and they both have smiling faces."  (4/18/13)

Elaine thinks of a way to make the sun and moon even more alike.  (4/18/13)

Now the moon is wearing moonglasses.  (4/18/13)

Trying out her new skit, "Lots of Birthdays," at No Shame Practice.  (4/18/13)

Picking out a few Dr. Seuss books at the library.  (4/20/13)

An armful should be about enough.  (4/20/13)

"Reading is my favorite thing to do now!"  (4/20/13)

Checking out the books she didn't have time to finish.  (4/20/13)

Oh, the places she'll go.  (4/20/13)

A little lion at the playground.  (4/25/13)

Cooking soup at the hat party.  (4/27/13)

Cheered up by having their picture taken.  (4/27/13)

Happy girl, grumpy cat.  (4/29/13)

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