Holiday Card '05

December, 2005

Who Framed the New Puppy?

A Christmas Mystery . . .

The new puppy, Trudy, was caught red-pawed, strewn with ribbons and wrapping paper, but she claims to have been framed!  Was Trudy really playing in the Christmas wrappings?  If not, who framed her?

Was it A) Calico Heidi hoping to distract the humans long enough to taste the sweet branches of the fake Christmas tree that she so craves?

B) Theresa, aka the Bengal Bandit, seeking revenge on Trudy for the relentless chasing and chewing?

C) Patrick the Sheep Dog who wishes to return to a simpler time, when he was the only canine?

or, was it D) Mary & Daniel hoping to create a cute Christmas card?

Find the right answer and free Trudy from her unfair incarceration!  (Key on the back.)

Happy Holidays!

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Answer:  D) Mary & Daniel