Happy Holidays!
A card from Elaine...

A meme from Wesley...

And a dream from Daniel and Mary...

     On Christmas Eve, you hear hooves on the roof.  You run outside and see a silver saucer spaceship with blinking lights on top of your house.  Several space moose, wearing helmets giant enough to cover their antlers and red fur-lined spacesuits, stand around the spaceship, shuffling their hooves.

     The space moose shout down from the roof to explain that they've come on their spaceship from their space planet to spread the word of a joyous holiday -- Space Christmas.  They hold out an extra spacesuit and space helmet, complete with artificial antlers, and invite you to come with them and celebrate.

     The space moose take you to an ice planet where they decorate the entire sky with Saturnian rings and aurorae borealis.  Under the splendorous decorations, you and the space moose ice skate in the planet's low gravity, making marvelous jumps and pirouettes as you dodge each other's volleys of snowballs.

     Finally, the space moose announce that it's time for ice cream sundaes and snow cones, freshly made from the planetary ice.  However, this sounds terribly cold.  You suggest hot chocolate, fresh baked brownies, and warm cookies instead.  The space moose have never heard of these things!  They are eternally grateful for the cookbook that you give them when they take you home.

     In return, the space moose promise to come back many times and take you on many more adventures.
Merry Space Christmas!
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