Mary E. Lowd

"Stand tall like Worf; speak precisely like Data; and, never do anything Picard would not approve." -- Mary, age 11

     Mary E. Lowd is a science-fiction and furry writer in Eugene, Oregon.  She lives in the
Raptor Nest with her husband Daniel, daughter Elaine, son Wesley, a bevy of cats and dogs, and the occasional fish.
     Her fiction has won an Ursa Major Award and two Cyotl AwardsShe is also the editor of FurPlanet's ROAR anthology series and the furry e-zine Zooscape.

     You can email Mary at the spoonfree version of:  eponymousspoon@marylowd.spooncom.

Set in the far-future when dogs rule the Earth and otters dance through the skies in their spaceships, the Otters In Space trilogy combines the sometimes whimsical, sometimes deadly serious interspecies politics of talking animals la Brian Jacques' Redwall series with the spirit of pioneering, space adventure and hard science-fiction of Isaac Asimov's Lucky Starr series.  (In more modern terms -- imagine Star Wars crossed with Zootopia.)  The trilogy as well as a coming-of-age/romance spin-off called In a Dog's World are all published by FurPlanet.

Mary's newest novel, The Snake's Song, is a dark fantasy starring a squirrel, published by ShadowSpinners Press.

Imagine The Hobbit crossed with Redwall

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More than eighty of Mary's short stories have been published with more on the way!  Learn about them in this list of publications (with brief descriptions) or this bibliography.  Get a taste from this free fiction page.  Or, better yet, check out her anthologies.