Mary's Garden

July, 2005

From the left:  Impatiens, Marigold (behind), Zinnia, Begonia, Jade, and Gerry.

Color subtitling for those whose monitors are black and white:  Impatiens is pink cream; Marigold is fire imp; Zinnia is swizzle scarlet and yellow; Begonia is absolute apricot; and Gerry is a good old American bright red.  (Information is according to their tags.)

Update:  Gerry survived until late in the winter, but was struck down by the last freeze before spring.  Other than Jade -- who has now been seperated into Jude and Babbette -- Gerry was the last survivor of my little garden.  Fortunately, Gerry was recently resurrected, with the help of a local Fred Meyer.  I expect Gerry to live a very long life, being similarly resurrected every spring.

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