November, '14

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Wesley is not so sure about this panda.  (11/5/14)

Master Chef Elaine and her cupcakes decorated to look like dahlias.  (11/7/14)

The petals are made from mini-marshmallows and sprinkles.  (11/7/14)

Parallel play.  (11/10/14)

Each child builds a house.  (11/10/14)

Legos are tricky but interesting.  (11/10/14)

The Lego dog-man moves into Wesley's house.  (11/10/14)

A penguin approaches Wesley about a possible collaboration.  (11/10/14)

Wesley has no reservations about this penguin.  (11/10/14)

Time to move to Antarctica!  (11/10/14)

"Bumping up and down in my little red wagon!"  (11/15/14)

Birds of a feather.  Or a tow truck.  (11/15/14)

The next generation of Lowds holds their annual board meeting.  (11/15/14)

Sharing a box.  (11/15/14)

Not sharing a box.  (11/15/14)

Enjoying Wilson Park on a crisp fall day.  (11/16/14)

Post-picnic playing.  (11/16/14)

Uncle Elephant asks whether they've been good marshmallows this year.  Wesley says, "Oh, yes!"; Elaine explains that she's not a marshmallow.  (11/17/14)

A highly unstable state of a high energy compound.  (11/17/14)

Sorting rocks.  (11/19/14)

Wesley takes up the mantle of Thor.  (11/19/14)

Elaine explains that she and an orange are different species.  (11/19/14)

Elaine is tricking the turkey by insisting that it's still July.  (11/26/14)

Olives, olives everywhere.  (11/27/14)

OLIVES!  (11/27/14)

Elaine's entry in the hat competition.  (11/27/14)

Another fancy hat.  (11/27/14)

Enough scrambled words.  Time for castles.  (11/27/14)

The dogs are way less thrilled to hang out with Wesley than he is to hang out with them.  (11/29/14)

With great water comes great happiness.  (11/29/14)

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