January, '16

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Flying away from the old year and into the new.  (1/2/16)

Wesley's first day of preschool was cancelled on acount of icy weather.  (1/4/16)

So, we went out for hot chocolate and said farewell to last year.  (1/4/16)

"Ice gone!"  But that means he can start preschool for real!  (1/5/16)

Elaine shows Wesley the way to her old preschool.  (1/5/16)

Instantly busy.  (1/5/16)

Three and a half hours later, he's still busy and doesn't want to leave.  (1/5/16)

Mama's little wolf.  (1/5/16)

Amy walks Elaine home from school.  (1/8/16)

Elaine's bear Muffy is invited to a tea party by my cat Pickles.  (1/8/16)

Muffy is a berry-farmer, and Pickles is a giraffe-herder.  The other bear, Violet, is a teacher, and the little cat, Jelly, is one of her students.  The brown rabbit, Sassifrass, is a veterinarian, and the cream rabbit, Crumbs, helps with the giraffes.  After tea, Pickles gave everyone giraffe-riding lessons -- except Muffy, because she rides a unicorn.  (1/8/16)

What's this?  Tea parties?  Wesley and his lion join in.  (1/9/16)

While the adults play board games, the little ones read quietly.  (1/10/16)

They have tricycles at preschool.  Why would Wesley ever leave?  Oh, right, they stop feeding him after snack time.  (1/12/16)

Spending the weekend at Grandma's house while their parents are away at Further Confusion.  (1/16/16)

Squeaky menace.  (1/21/16)

The 3rd grade state parade.  (1/27/16)

Dog fishing.  (1/27/16)

He caught one!  (1/27/16)

Sorting through the packets of flower seeds -- pink daisies, pansies, California poppies, snapdragons, and foxgloves.  (1/28/16)

A handful of magic.  (1/28/16)

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