January, '17

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Walking into the new year with a good friend.  (1/1/17)

Highly skeptical of being separated, even though we're both heading back to our house for games.  (1/1/17)

"You must always wear goggles when handling peeps!"  (1/1/17)

Our little mad scientist demonstrates how to construct an army of cootie bugs.  (1/1/17)

An impromptu snowball fight at the Cascades Raptor Center.  (1/2/17)

Visiting a snowy owl on a snowy day.  (1/2/17)

Archimedes the owl sounds much like a dog's squeaky toy.  (1/2/17)

Learning how to cook spaghetti.  (1/3/17)

Our budding chef prepares her first entire dinner.  (1/3/17)

The snow came to us.  (1/4/17)

Throwing a snowball at Quinn.  (1/4/17)

Rolling up the perfect giant snowball -- which invariably got smooshed, so we built a column of snow to replace it.  (1/4/17)

Snowman Kevin.  (1/4/17)

Stopping to make a snow angel.  (1/4/17)

"I'm a penguin!"  (1/4/17)

Walking through the snow is hard.  (1/4/17)

Being pulled on a sled is easier.  (1/4/17)

Washington Park has a perfect little slope for sledding.  (1/4/17)

Getting prepared.  (1/4/17)

Sledding combinatorics.  (1/4/17)

"Yukon ho, ho, ho!"  (1/4/17)

How else to end a snow day?  (1/4/17)

The snow's still here!  Although, it's much more icy.  We walked to the corner store and had a snack of fresh banana bread.  (1/5/17)

By his fourth day, Kevin isn't looking so good.  His eyes have fallen out, and his nose is coated in ice.  (1/7/17)

"Aha, oho, a track in the snow.  Whose is this track?  And where does it go?"  (1/7/17)

The site of an epic snow battle.  While the kids threw snowballs at each other, their dad spelled out letters in the snow:  "SNOW."  When the kids noticed the letters, Wesley thought it spelled his name, and Elaine was confused as to why her dad would spell out "MONS."  (1/7/17)

Elaine named this snowball Samantha and brought it home to store in the freezer.  (1/7/17)

The snow has turned to freezing rain, so it's time to stay inside and learn how to bake cupcakes.  (1/8/17)

She made these entirely by herself.  (1/8/17)

The proud baker and her confection.  (1/8/17)

This lucky boy has an older sister who made a cupcake for him.  (1/8/17)

Women's March Eugene.  (1/21/17)

Totally adorable in the outfit he picked out:  Spiderman hoody and ruffled pinafore.  (1/24/17)

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