March, '17

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Celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday by wearing a silly hat to school.  (3/2/17)

Chasing bubbles in the meadow.  (3/2/17)

Contemplating the first daffodil of the year -- it looks beautiful, but Wesley insisted it smelled horrible.  (3/3/17)

We spent the evening celebrating good news.  (3/3/17)

On the left, a butterfly; on the right, a helicopter.  (3/5/17)

Wesley objects to his dad's offer to eat his drawing of mashed potatoes.  (3/5/17)

Two days later, still celebrating.  (3/5/17)

We all got fancy drinks.  (3/5/17)

Even the bunny.  (3/5/17)

Thoroughly stomping down the single pile of snow.  (3/6/17)

Chasing the turkeys.  (3/6/17)

Generous older sister bought her little brother a narwhal and gave him a piggy-back ride.  (3/9/17)

These two puppies wanted to go for a walk.  (3/11/17)

They did not care that it was raining.  (3/11/17)

Three pieces of cake to celebrate three short story nominations in the Ursa Major Awards.  (3/13/17)

Little architect.  (3/15/17)

So many pennies.  So many granted wishes.  (3/16/17)

"Why did you give me these?"  --  "I want more."  (3/16/17)

Demonstarting the proper angle from which to watch Spider-Man.  (3/16/17)

The Upstart Crow production of Beauty and the Beast.  (3/17/17)

Elaine played one of the "silly girls" who adores Gaston.  (3/17/17)

She sparkled.  (3/17/17)

Spider-Man gives a rose to Belle.  (3/17/17)

A picture with Belle.  (3/17/17)

A full weekend of fawning over Gaston.  (3/18/17)

"Kill the beast!"  (3/18/17)

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful -- beautiful boy.  (3/19/17)

The first tulip in our garden.  (3/27/17)

Playing with his flutterbug Bruce in the meadow.  (3/28/17)

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