April, '17

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Beautiful kids on a beautiful day.  (4/2/17)

Hyperdrive-net season begins.  (4/2/17)

Hugging the recently shorn mop.  (4/3/17)

Spider-Men on a tire swing.  (4/6/17)

"I'm flying like a fairy!  Wait, no, I'm flying like SPIDER-MAN!"‬  (4/6/17)

Spider-Man wants to give you a high five.  (4/6/17)

Spider-Men on a slide.  (4/6/17)

Very exciting wrapping paper.  (4/8/17)

Elaine made Daddy's birthday cake all by herself.  (4/8/17)

A cluster of tulips in the wilds of our back yard.  (4/15/17)

The ever-patient Easter Sheltie.  (4/15/17)

Elaine carefully arranged five eggs in her basket; Wesley piled the eggs into his basket several layers deep.  (4/15/17)

At first Wesley watches while the more experienced artists dye eggs.  (4/15/17)

Soon, he was dying eggs with the best of them.  Mostly yellow.  And very rapidly.  They made some disturbing crashing sounds when he'd put them down.  (4/15/17)

In spite of his impatience, Wesley even managed to dye an egg with stripes.  (4/15/17)

Such bright, beautiful colors.  (4/15/17)

Spontaneous street theater performance of "I'd Do Anything" from Oliver.  (4/15/17)

The kids got up early to check their baskets.  The Easter Bunny had eaten the piece of carrot cake Elaine had made from scratch, complete with homemade cream cheese frosting.  Their parents wanted to sleep longer, so the kids watched Babe.  (4/16/17)

Carefully counting jelly beans.  The ears are gone in one bite.  (4/16/17)

Scattering out to find eggs.  (4/16/17)

Some were way up high.  Some kept falling out of Wesley's basket.  (4/16/17)

Recovening to count the eggs and see if they've all been found.  (4/16/17)

Something more valuable than tenure -- a daughter who'll bake a "HAPPY TENYR" cake for you, just because she's amazing.  (4/30/17)

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