October, '17

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Contentment.  (10/2/17)

Peaceful.  (10/2/17)

Helping me draw cards for a story prompt.  (10/4/17)

Our little star after a brilliant performance in the RCT production of Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr.  (10/7/17)

In the middle of a lush carpet, beside a trampoline mountain, Wesley constructed a castle.  (10/11/17)

It was a good castle, and a pony moved in.  (10/11/17)

In spite of many adventures involving fires and smoke detectors, another pony moved in as well.  (10/11/17)

A lot more ponies moved into the castle, and some of them sought out mouse-milk for their tea.  Wesley gathered sugar cubes for them from the Lego bucket.  (10/11/17)

As is often the case, Wesley has here turned into a dog.  (10/11/17)

A perfect little one.  (10/14/17)

Bumpy pumpkins.  (10/14/17)

Revisiting her true love.  (10/15/17)

Hiding from the turkeys.  (10/15/17)

Hiding much more effectively from the turkeys.  (10/15/17)

A difference of opinion.  (10/15/17)

Part way through the maze, the children turned into goats.  (10/15/17)

The goats ate their way out.  (10/15/17)

Spider-Man teams up with a goat to become the latest and greatest crime-fighting duo.  (10/15/17)

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