November, '17

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The autumn warrior.  (11/1/17)

Battling a stump.  (11/1/17)

The kitchen was a disaster and there was chocolate everywhere, but that pile of cupcakes is GLORIOUS.  (11/4/17)

Mama got her Playmobil out.  (11/10/17)

Elaine found a complete set of companions for the Playmobil Doctor.  (11/10/17)

Wesley built a zoo and playground.  (11/10/17)

Coloring with Grandma at her birthday lunch.  (11/15/17)

Surprise birthday tart!  (11/15/17)

His style is pajamas, suspenders, and bow tie.  (11/16&17/17)

Trying out a trumpet.  (11/17/17)

Trying out a cello.  (11/17/17)

Trying to keep his s'more from burning.  (11/17/17)

Pick three.  (11/23/17)

It's beginning to look a lot like Thanksgiving...  (11/23/17)

Writing gratefulness letters.  (11/23/17)

Watching leaves fall.  (11/23/17)

Grandma and Elaine make rolls.  (11/24/17)

Wesley is too busy being the Doctor to help.  (11/24/17)

A glorious and delicious feast.  (11/24/17)

Cheers!  (11/24/17)

Time to murder a pumpkin cheesecake!  (11/24/17)

Tuckered out from a day of feasting.  (11/24/17)

George and Fred.  (11/25/17)

Boxes full of delights.  (11/26/17)

Dressing the tree and dancing beside the tree.  (11/26/17)

The Playmobil people convene on the roof of their house.  (11/27/17)

Step into Christmas.  (11/27/17)

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