January, '17

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Forging into a new year and a new galaxy.  (1/1/18)

Their spaceship careens past one fascinating planet after another.  (1/1/18)

Oh no!  Their spaceship has been toppled by a black hole.  (1/1/18)

Setting up the remote control cars.  (1/2/18)

The red car.  (1/2/18)

ZOOM!  (1/2/18)

Scarf dancing under the sea.  (1/5/18)

Someone joined us at the dinner table.  (1/6/18)

She enjoyed a warm welcome, but somehow not a full plate of food.  (1/6/18)

A nice moment between father and son.  (1/6/18)

Playing one of the best games ever made:  Commander Keen 6.  (1/6/18)

Walking Amy around the playground.  (1/6/18)

Amy is not so sure about this.  (1/6/18)

Flying his spaceship to the Ghostbuster planet.  (1/7/18)

The Ghostbusters didn't answer when we called, so we had to fly back home.  (1/7/18)

Going into the heart of the T.A.R.D.I.S. to fix it.  (1/7/18)

Slimer on both rainy and sunny days.  (1/8/18)

Taking the small dogs to the small dog park.  (1/9/18)

The small dog park is haunted by a slimer.  (1/9/18)

Slimer terrorizing the dogs.  (1/9/18)

After shaking their sillies out, the little actors danced under the sea again.  (1/12/18)

His favorite part of every class is when they pretend to be ninjas.  (1/12/18)

A fairy tea party.  (1/12/18)

Climbing as always.  (1/14/18)

Ninja practice.  (1/14/18)

Building a wall.  (1/14/18)

Very, very serious work.  (1/14/18)

Right before we left, he enjoyed breaking his own wall down.  (1/14/18)

Reveling in being taller than me.  (1/15/18)

Marching again.  (1/19/18)

The owl- and the pussy-hats.  (1/19/18)

In acting class, they made masks and picked instruments.  (1/26/18)

"Old MacDonald had a band, and in the band, he had some cymbals..."  (1/26/18)

Joyously swinging.  (1/27/18)

Is there anywhere more fun than the brightly colored paradise of climbing structures known as Bounce?  (1/27/18)

Sleeping in the T.A.R.D.I.S.  (1/28/18)

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