February, '18

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Costume time in acting class.  (2/2/18)

Scarfity scarf scarf.  (2/2/18)

Elaine prepares for a book themed costume party, dressed as Violet and Sunny Baudelaire.  Wesley is busy building.  (2/3/18)

Selecting his bounty from the chest of pirate treasure.  (2/9/18)

Gentle with George.  (2/9/18)

Running the obstacle course at Bounce.  (2/12/18)

He's always been a natural climber.  (2/12/18)

Some charge ahead with scissors and glue; others ponder the wide array of creative possibilities.  (2/13/18)

Her creative labors produced Valentines featuring Mad Libs, scrambles, physics equations, and Shakespeare references.  (2/13/18)

Pink and red hearts to you all.  (2/13/18)

Grandma brought over some dinner, and the Valentine production lasted deep into the evening.  (2/13/18)

A day for wearing hearts.  (2/14/18)

Two lollipops!  What flavor are they?  Who knows!  (2/14/18)

Searching the candy hearts for story prompts -- her best discoveries were "cute pig" and "lava bug."  (2/14/18)

Why would you read them, when you could eat them?  (2/14/18)

Photographing the falling snow.  (2/17/18)

Snowy selfie; snowy daffodils.  (2/17/18)

Hiding from the cold with a game of Pirate Munchkin.  (2/17/18)

Weaving ribbons through a wheel and building a dinosaur castle from blocks.  (2/21/18)

There's a lot of room inside the dinosaur's castle, but they apparently sleep on the roof.  (2/21/18)

After the dinosaur castle, Wesley built himself a car.  (2/21/18)

Balancing along.  (2/21/18)

One snowy morning.  Also, Elaine is a polar bear.  (2/22/18)

(2/22/18)  A giant snowball left behind in the meadow.  /  Dressed for Dr. Seuss week.  (2/28/18)

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