March, '18

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Reveling in a very rare moment.  (3/2/18)

Grandma lets Wesley have sparkling water.  And a whole lot of pennies.  Making him the Master of Pennies.  (3/5/18)

Wesley helps Mama and Grandma out by trying on the costumes they've been sewing for Upstart Crow's The Little Mermaid Jr.  (3/5/18)

Picking a daisy.  (3/6/18)

(3/6/18)  Wesley was super patient when Grandma dragged him along to play rehearsal, and then Mama spent all day sewing squid hats. (3/7/18)

Oma Suzy flew in to spend the day with Wesley.  And also to see Elaine's play.  (3/10/18)

Where's Ariel?, wonders her mer-sister Andrina.  (3/10/18)

Reigning regally, dancing daintily.  (3/12/18)

Under the Sea was a spectacular number, and the mer-sisters were only in it because Elaine argued passionately for them to be included.  (3/12/18)

Princess Belle tries to impress Prince Eric, but she's from the wrong musical.  In the audience, Wesley helps transform Ariel into a human with magic glowing wands.  (3/10/18)

The actress is showered with flowers, wands, and dinglehoppers from her adoring fans.  (3/10/18)

My favorite actor.  (3/10/18)

Showing off her costume to friends who came to see the show, and having her picture taken with tiny mermaid fans.  (3/10/18)

Six brightly colored mer-sisters.  (3/12/18)

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