April, '18

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Bunny, bunny, basket.  Eggs, eggs, chocolate.  (4/1/18)

Elaine used the candy to teach addition to Wesley.  (4/1/18)

If it doesn't have a tail, it's not a monkey.  (4/1/18)

To eat or not to eat?  That is the question.  (4/1/18)

Elaine traipses her way through the egg hunt, finding eggs almost effortlessly, while Wesley scurries after her, worrying about how many more eggs she has.  (4/1/18)

Wesley convinced us to do a second egg hunt, even though it was raining.  (4/1/18)

After the hunt, they divided the eggs up evenly and feasted on the popcorn inside.  (4/1/18)

Studious and silly.  (4/6/18)

Hanging out in the trees.  (4/6/18)

Making wishes on the way home.  Wesley wished "to be Spider-Man forever."  (4/6/18)

Flying around in an airplane.  (4/7/18)

"Where is thumbkin?"  (4/7/18)

Scarf play.  (4/7/18)

Delighted by the stegosaurus in his dad's present.  (4/8/18)

Enjoying her dad's moose cupcakes and presents.  (4/8/18)

Two wishes; enough to share.  (4/9/18)

Celebrating the arrival of a big box of books by reading Witch-Hazel's nut gathering song.  (4/12/18)

Walking home together.  (4/12/18)

Delightful company.  (4/12/18)

We already had a big wish granted: grandma is coming to live on our street!  (4/17/18)

Doug the ant, crawling all over the place.  (4/20/18)

Ants are pretty cute.  (4/20/18)

Hiding behind flowers; hanging from trees.  (4/20/18)

Silly boy.  (4/20/18)

Velociraptors on the cheese.  (4/23/18)

Lingering over lunch.  (4/24/18)

Generous and handsome.  (4/23&24/18)

Bath time fun.  (4/24/18)

Fabulous in any costume.  (4/24&26/18)

He doesn't want to step on the daisies.  (4/26/18)

Tooth fairy sticker art, and her first DM kit.  (4/24&29/18)

Reverently examining the lockers at her school for next year.  (4/27/18)

Velociraptor on campus.  (4/27/18)

Ready for middle school.  (4/27/18)

Human family.  (4/27/18)

Velociraptor family!  (4/27/18)

Brave Sir Wesley.  (4/28/18)

Loving the scarves.  (4/28/18)

Cool scarf dude.  (4/28/18)

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