June, '18
Part 1

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Edgar schemes to get rid of the Aristocats.  (6/2/18)

Edgar's maniacal laugh fills the entire theater.  (6/2/18)

Really, it's more than a mere laugh -- it's an all out cackle.  (6/2/18)

Wesley seemed to enjoy watching his sister play an evil, cat-napping villain.  (6/2/18)

Taking a well-earned bow.  (6/2/18)

Kitten antics.  (6/3/18)

The preschool hosted an evening of butterfly and caterpillar themed activities.  (6/5/18)

Performing The Hungry Caterpillar; Wesley is one of the strawberries.  (6/5/18)

Rolling in a giant tube.  (6/5/18)

Painting the fence with water.  (6/5/18)

The ever-popular playdoh bakery.  (6/5/18)

Birthday cake and cupcakes, of course.  (6/5/18)

"Who's Edgar Allen Poe?"  (6/6/18)

For the classroom city, Elaine founded a theater where she performs five-minute, one-woman renditions of Little Shop of Horrors.  (6/7/18)

"Please, please, grow for me!"  (6/7/18)

Playing games at the elementary school carnival -- he made all three football throws perfectly.  (6/7/18)

"I'm at the top of the building!"  (6/7/18)

Elaine had to rush straight from a rehearsal to the carnival in order to play in the marimba band, but after her performance, she got to go do all of the activities with Wesley.  (6/7/18)

Everybody may want to be a cat, but Elaine makes an excellent dog.  (6/8/18)

Planning out their characters for "The Adventures of the Five Friends" -- Wesley is Superman.  (6/9/18)

Starting out his birthday celebration with a trip to the trampoline park while Elaine is busy in Aristocats.  (6/9/18)

After an invigorating game of Present Twister, Wesley ponders the all-important question:  which present shall he open first?  (6/10/18)

Measuring tape tongue.  (6/10/18)

Web shooter.  (6/10/18)

Catboy is ready to battle the Dalek.  (6/10/18)

Exterminate!!!  Exterminate!!!  (6/10/18)

Since the Dalek was approximately half duct tape and half packing tape, it held out for a long time.  (6/10/18)

Eventually, the kids switched to fists and simply tearing the Dalek to pieces.  (6/10/18)

Excited to go to the Enchanted Forest!  But it's a long drive...  (6/10/18)

The Enchanted Forest is a magical place.  (6/10/18)

Wesley ran forward and backward through the forest, from one end to the other, over and over.  Also, he apparently thought it was "Allison Wonderland," which is an amazing name.  (6/10/18)

The fountain show hasn't changed in thirty years.  And it's still magical.  (6/10/18)

Wesley had very strong opinions about where the candles should be placed.  (6/10/18)

Oh, the glory.  (6/10/18)

Tired out from his first day as a five-year-old.  (6/10/18)

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