July, '18

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A typical Siletz day.  (7/1/18)

Hiking back to the real world.  (7/1/18)

Brendan and Ian build a sand castle while Wesley throws sand at the waves.  (7/1/18)

Being chased by the waves.  (7/1/18)

Returning once again to her natural habitat -- the freezing cold ocean.  (7/1/18)

Climbing rocks.  (7/1/18)

Really big rocks.  (7/1/18)

Wesley wanted me to climb one of the big rocks with him, and I told him I would if he'd let me take a picture with him on the top.  (7/1/18)

Helping Lea bury Jasmine in the sand.  (7/1/18)

Wesley needs a hand to get out of this hole.  (7/1/18)

Wesley thought this kelp was an eel.  (7/1/18)

Happy July from Fogarty Beach!  (7/1/18)

The eighteen-year-old playing Witch Izwitch in Mad Crow Theater's production of Rapunzel dropped out at the last minute, and guess who had all the lines already memorized and a carefully practiced maniacal cackle?  (7/3/18)

Witch Izzwitch and her minion have Rapunzel trapped in the tower.  (7/3/18)

In Elaine's secondary role, Parsley Rose and Mary Thyme offer to help the queen and king rescue Rapunzel.  (7/3/18)

Prince Llewellyn rescues Rapunzel by providing Witch Izwitch with what she really wanted -- a glorious head of hair -- using his potion that could grow hair on an egg.  (7/3/18)

We're very proud of our little witch.  (7/3/18)

Spectacular.  (7/4/18)

Biking on the reservoir on a hot day.  (7/8/18)

Upside down boy.  (7/10/18)

Kids growing in the trees.  (7/10/18)

Tag in the meadow.  (7/10/18)

“If you land here, you have to pay me!”

This was the kids' first Monopoly game.  When Wesley could have crushed us, he suddenly discovered philanthropy and split his holdings between Elaine and me, mostly out of boredom. Elaine and I proceeded to split the board and gather enough cash that we were just passing it back and forth until well past bedtime.‬  (7/19/18)

Choosing the perfect candle for her time traveler's birthday cake.  We traveled forward in time a week to enjoy this chocolate confection.  Elaine tried to light the candle herself, but the lighter proved trickier to use than a time machine.  (7/22/18)

Fancy water with lemon slices and popcorn.  (7/24/18)

Baking and decorating cake.  (7/24/18)

Water play.  (7/24/18)

"I have three mouths!"  -- Wesley claimed he wanted to go to a toy store to shop for presents for Elaine's birthday.  But... it may have just been a ploy to play with the toys.  (7/26/18)

It's pretty great to have a mom who buys a lot of toys.  Er, um, interior decorations...  (7/26/18)

What to do with all these war horses...  (7/26/18)

The kids may have some ideas...  (7/26/18)

For instance, a tea party.  (7/26/18)

Breakfast surprise.  (7/27/18)

Many of Elaine's presents were books about Doctor Who or Hamilton.  (7/27/18)

“Now if I ever have to think ‘crimson-eleven-delight,’ I’ll be able to think of my eleventh birthday! Like Amy!”‬  (7/27/18)

No running in the theater.  (7/27/18)

After the opening night performance of High School Musical Jr. on Elaine's birthday, the whole cast sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  Then they had cupcakes we'd brought.  (7/29/18)

Bursting with star-power in her bit part.  (7/29/18)

A very tricky game.  (7/30/18)

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