July, '18

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A typical Siletz day.  (7/1/18)

Hiking back to the real world.  (7/1/18)

Brendan and Ian build a sand castle while Wesley throws sand at the waves.  (7/1/18)

Being chased by the waves.  (7/1/18)

Returning once again to her natural habitat -- the freezing cold ocean.  (7/1/18)

Climbing rocks.  (7/1/18)

Really big rocks.  (7/1/18)

Wesley wanted me to climb one of the big rocks with him, and I told him I would if he'd let me take a picture with him on the top.  (7/1/18)

Helping Lea bury Jasmine in the sand.  (7/1/18)

Wesley needs a hand to get out of this hole.  (7/1/18)

Wesley thought this kelp was an eel.  (7/1/18)

Happy July from Fogarty Beach!  (7/1/18)

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