October, '18

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Wesley prefers to walk the long way home, because he gets to crunch through more leaves.  (10/1/18)

Trying to toast a marshmallow using a solar oven as part of a science experiment for school.  However, due to the wind, the temperature inside the solar oven actually went down instead of up.  Regardless, Elaine carefully recorded the data.  (10/4/18)

Wesley's developed some serious puzzle skills.  (10/4/18)

Big leaf.  (10/5/18)

"Popular... like me!"  (10/5/18)

"We're all in this together..."  (10/5/18)

Leaf rubbing.  (10/5/18)

Drawing watermelon on a sunny day.  (10/11/18)

Elaine draws a yellow wedge, inspiring Wesley to draw a piece of cheese.  (10/11/18)

But Elaine's yellow wedge turns out to be an ice cream cone!  (10/11/18)

Celebrating good (and secret!) news.  (10/11/18)

Wesley engineered a ramp for his cars.  (10/12/18)

Visiting the lovely pony at Thistledown Farms.  (10/14/18)

Corn maze explorers.  (10/14/18)

Time travelin' through the corn...  (10/14/18)

...and straight into Christmas!  (10/14/18)

Taking the escalator back to October, so we can watch the new episode of Doctor Who.  (10/14/18)

The first meal in our new kitchen -- brinner!  (10/14/18)

Wesley lost his first tooth!  (10/15/18)

He figured out how to spell "TOOTH FAIRY" with very little help and wrote it many, many times after he finished decorating the actual envelope for the tooth fairy.  (10/15/18)

In his natural habitat:  climbing a giant spider web.  (10/18/18)

He's coming for you, and he has a fistful of leaves!  (10/19/18)

Leaf dancing.  (10/19/18)

Hide and seek behind a single tree.  (10/19/18)

He was concerned about the vines attached to the pumpkin he picked out during the kindergarten field trip to Thistledown Farms.  When we went to pick out more pumpkins for the rest of us, he was drawn to the really tiny ones.  (10/19/18)

Hoisting a big one way up high.  (10/19/18)

Elaine is a piece of human clay in the sculpture "A Typical Day At The Zoo" during the 6th Grade Drama Showcase.  (10/19/18)

"My head is a diamond, and I have scissor-hands!"  (10/19/18)

Wesley got out a puzzle and quietly sorted pieces by color for an hour before anyone else joined him.  He had a lovely pile of the cobblestone pieces all sorted out.  (10/26/18)

The pieces are coming together in our brand new kitchen.  (10/26/18)

Ferocious lion and successful lion tamer.  (10/27/18)

Carving pumpkins with the help of a friendly giraffe.  (10/27/18)

Drawing up plans and carving free-hand.  (10/27/18)

A bow tie-wearing ghost and that classic jack-o-lantern grin.  (10/27/18)

"I stabbed him in the nose!"  (10/29/18)

To trick-or-treating... and beyond!  (10/31/18)

Dancing downtown.  (10/31/18)

Shining eyes, beaming smile.  (10/31/18)

Grandma's was the last house of the evening.  (10/31/18)

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