November, '18

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Wesley found a little friend.  (11/2/18)

Carefully sorting and asking for the names of each.  (11/2/18)

The spoils of Halloween.  (11/2/18)

On top of the world.  (11/3/18)

Each kid selected an array of candy bars to sacrifice for the common good, and Daniel chopped them up into a tasty ice cream topping.  (11/4/18)

Learning to read.  (11/5/18)

Climbing and swinging.  (11/6/18)

We woke up to Ella Fitzgerald singing, “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” and found that Elaine had started Christmas.   Wesley was dressed like an elf (though that’s normal), and they’d invited their grandmother over.  ‪They'd even put together Christmas gift bags, assembled from things around the house.‬  ‬(11/11/18)

Upgraded to a booster seat.  (11/12/18)

Broadway Kids rehearse for their big showcase:  "Here we are together, a couple of stager-uppers!"  (11/13/18)

Dressed for the middle school immigration simulation.  (11/14/18)

Celebrating Grand Janet's birthday.  (11/15/18)

Yummy snack.  (11/16/18)

After singing "Good Morning," the Broadway Kids performed Arnold Lobel's "The Bear and the Crow," where Wesley played a very fine crow.   (11/16/18)

A rose for his first big performance!  (11/16/18)

Stage Door performs at the Holiday Market.  (11/18/18)

The great thing about ordering a new office chair is that it comes in a big, big box.  (11/18/18)

Building a TARDIS.  (11/18/18)

A door to many places.  (11/18/18)

In a TARDIS, you can travel NEAR and FAR.  (11/18/18)

Two Doctors, beside their TARDIS.  (11/18/18)

Wesley watches raptly as Elaine recreates their epic trip to Macy's.  (11/19/18)

Everything is there -- the escalators, the couch, the stuffed animals, the gum ball machine...  Everything.  (11/19/18)

A stunning vision of golden brown meat.  (11/22/18)

We all have our roles to play in the roll-making.  (11/22/18)

While waiting for dinner, Elaine worked on a piece of art she'd been commissioned to create.  (11/22/18)

The fingers are getting bigger, but they still fit inside olives.  (11/22/18)

Playing with the ornaments.  (11/22/18)

Maaaaaybe some of them should go on the tree...  (11/22/18)

Holiday happiness.  (11/22/18)

A good father-son activity:  putting on theater make-up, preparing for the opening night of Elf.  (11/23/18)

The make-up went on a little thick -- more Clockwork Orange than Christmas elf.  (11/23/18)

Their first show in the Hult Center together!  (11/23/18)

The first Santa of the season.  (11/25/18)

A walk in the dark and cold took a turn towards Dickensian fashion when Wesley got cold and borrowed warm, over-sized clothes from both of his parents.  (11/30/18)

Wesley and Santa Claus.  (11/30/18)

Whispering wishes.  (11/30/18)

Elaine and Santa Claus.  (11/30/18)

Pondering all the wonderful things she could ask for.  (11/30/18)

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