December, '18

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Wesley asked me to draw cereal for him.  (12/2/18)

Enjoying the new couches.  (12/3/18)

Slimer considers haunting Grand-Janet's tree.  (12/4/18)

That timeless activity -- watching a Pac-Man demo.  (12/4/18)

Building a rainbow.  (12/5/18)

Cocoa toast.  (12/5/18)

We met a pair of golden-doodles in the meadow.  (12/6/18)

Frolicking in the sunlight.  (12/6/18)

He finally caught their attention...  (12/6/18)

Oh, they're catching up to him...  (12/6/18)

...and now he's the one doing the chasing.  (12/6/18)

The couches are still good.  (12/6/18)

Painting a rainbow.  (12/8/18)

The Stage Door version of "The Bear and the Crow."  (12/8/18)

"The Mitten."  (12/8/18)

She sang "Jingle Bell Rock" and played two songs on the piano.  (12/9/18)

Time to make peanut butter cookies.  (12/9/18)

Mixing, mixing.  (12/9/18)

And chocolate kisses melted on top.  (12/9/18)

We celebrated the last day of Hanukkah with latkes and a game of dreidel, but we used construction pieces for the geld and eventually the game devolved into a building session. (12/10/18)

Wesley builds the biggest robot.  (12/10/18)

The kids convinced us to top the evening off with a game of Apples to Apples.  The highlight was an argument about which thing is the speediest, leading to picturing a game of musical chairs played by a zebra and a ghost with cherries being thrown at them.‬  (12/10/18)

Sleeping on the dog bed.  (12/13/18)

Singing "It's Quiet Uptown" to Quinn.  (12/13/18)

Taking Quinn for a walk.  (12/13/18)

Partying until late at night with her theater friends.  (12/14/18)

Elaine sings "Brave," and Wesley bravely falls asleep.  (12/15/18)

Overflowing with Christmas spirit.  (12/16/18)

Silly holiday adornments, and serious holiday Christmas writing.  Wesley spent a lot of time on his Christmas list for Santa this year.  (12/21/18)

Puzzles make a lovely, quiet, family activity.  (12/22/18)

Watching Hogfather.  (12/22/18)

Mixing up gingerbread.  (12/23/18)

Playing Candy Land while the gingerbread dough sets.  (12/23/18)

Cutting out the cookies.  (12/23/18)

Their dad did the hard work of making holiday cookies happen.  (12/23/18)

I took the scraps of gingerbread dough and made a cookie Cthulhu.  The kids marvel at my handy-work and document it photographically.  (12/23/18)

A gingerbread businessman with a frosting mustache and candy corn tie.  (12/23/18)

A gingerbread Doctor being fitted for his candy corn bow tie.  (12/23/18)

We got a new puzzle to do each day for the three days before Christmas.  (12/24/18)

The kids begged all week to decorate gingerbread houses.  (12/24/18)

Look at that table full of sugar.  (12/24/18)

Masterpieces of sugar and more sugar.  (12/24/18)

Cookies for Santa -- a Christmas tree and a gingerbread version of Santa Claus himself.  (12/24/18)

Bedtime on Christmas Eve.  (12/24/18)

"Santa came!" (12/25/18)

As requested, Santa brought stuffed toy dogs who look like Wendy.  He also brought tiny puzzles and different candy than in previous years -- including bacon flavored candy canes.  Also, a cookbook and storybook for us all to share.  (12/25/18)

We all gathered around the dining table in our new kitchen to open presents.  (12/25/18)

Noise canceling headphones and a TA-HEART-IS necklace.  (12/25/18)

An awesome robot.  (12/25/18)

So awesome and noisy that Wesley could not hold still.  He had to run back and forth through the kitchen, dancing and throwing his hands up in the air.  (12/25/18)

Stopping to visit with the friendly Siamese cat on the corner during a wholesome Christmas Day walk.  (12/25/18)

"That's not a tree!  That's a cyber-tree!"  (12/25/18)

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