April, '19

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Cuddly little ones.  (4/2/19)

The kids like it when I come home early from Wordos.  (4/2/19)

It's hard to pet a dog and play a video game at the same time.  (4/4/19)

Delighted by a patch of tiny blue Christmas trees on the walk home.  (4/6/19)

Drawing while waiting for a table for dinner.  (4/8/19)

Excitedly helping pick the order that his dad should open the presents in.  (4/8/19)

Waiting for her dad to make a birthday wish.  (4/8/19)

One wish for each of us.  (4/9/19)

He has to pick them in batches of three.  (4/9/19)

The proud artist and her beautiful fan art of Eliza in Hamilton.  (4/13/19)

Getting an early start on his birthday wish list.  (4/16/19)

The picture of patience... and he who drops eggs everywhere.  (4/20/19)

Admiring each others' work.  (4/20/19)

Eggs-quisite art.  (4/20/19)

Perfect harmony.  (4/20/19)

Lord of the rings and pool noodles.  (4/20/19)

Basket time!  (4/20/19)

Seeing how many eggs he can balance on there.  (4/20/19)

Elaine waited to see how many eggs Wesley would put in his basket before filling hers.  Wesley tries out a fursona.  (4/20/19)

The Easter Bunny and the Easter Lion.  (4/20/19)

The Easter Tango.  (4/20/19)

These incredibly good kids played board games until we were ready to get up before getting into their Easter baskets.  (4/21/19)

Egg hunt, round one.  (4/21/19)

For round two, Wesley dressed up.  (4/21/19)

They took turns hiding eggs for each other.  (4/21/19)

It's important to carefully count your eggs to make sure they've all been found.  (4/21/19)

Time for consolidation, calculation, and trading.  (4/21/19)

Buzz has style.  (4/21/19)

Fun with peeps and dinosaurs.  (4/21/19)

Climbing through piles upon piles of green.  (4/23/19)

Chasing wild turkeys.  (4/23/19)

Photo-bombing Truggster and T.K.'s peaceful repose.  (4/23/19)

He'd spend all his time in the meadow if he could.  (4/23/19)

Peaceful while she's sleeping.  (4/27/19)

Wesley is very excited by the prospect of Toy Story 4.  (4/28/19)

Posing with the character she played in the Upstart Crow version of Aladdin.  (4/28/19)

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