June, '19

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Making himself countdown calenders to his birthday and birthday party.  (6/4/19)

On his way to the dentist.  Everyone takes a parrot with them to the dentist, right?  (6/4/19)

Wesley reasoned that -- since he would get to pick a reward from the treasure chest at the end of his appointment -- he should dress up like a pirate for going to the dentist.  (6/4/19)

Owning the stage with her brilliant performance as Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  (6/6/19)

Cracking up the audience with her hilarious "hee-haws!"  (6/6/19)

A pirate's plunder.  (6/9/19)

Tickets to see Toy Story 4 in the theater!  (6/9/19)

The pirate's plunder included a pirate's attire and accouterments. (6/9/19)

Captain Jack Sparrow, waiting for his supper.  (6/9/19)

Can he steal the cookie from the Cookie Monster's mouth without him noticing???  (6/9/19)

It's probably easier just to eat the whole thing.  (6/9/19)

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