June, '19

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Making himself countdown calenders to his birthday and birthday party.  (6/4/19)

On his way to the dentist.  Everyone takes a parrot with them to the dentist, right?  (6/4/19)

Wesley reasoned that -- since he would get to pick a reward from the treasure chest at the end of his appointment -- he should dress up like a pirate for going to the dentist.  (6/4/19)

Owning the stage with her brilliant performance as Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  (6/6/19)

Cracking up the audience with her hilarious "hee-haws!"  (6/6/19)

Since he had to rush off to be a mouse in Cinderella again, we got to the school carnival early... (6/7/19)

...meaning there was no line for the bounce house, and he got to do it over and over again.  (6/7/19)

Good form.  (6/7/19)

A pirate's plunder.  (6/9/19)

Tickets to see Toy Story 4 in the theater!  (6/9/19)

The pirate's plunder included a pirate's attire and accouterments. (6/9/19)

Captain Jack Sparrow, waiting for his supper.  (6/9/19)

Can he steal the cookie from the Cookie Monster's mouth without him noticing???  (6/9/19)

It's probably easier just to eat the whole thing.  (6/9/19)

Performing "Put on a Happy Face" on his birthday.  (6/10/19)

"My sweet, my sweet friend.  You finally came."  Shortly thereafter, he asked the Magic 8 Ball whether he would get another Magic 8 Ball for his next birthday.  It said, "Outlook good."  (6/10/19)

As Elaine pointed out, in this case, someone really did want to eat Cookie Monster's eyes.  (6/10/19)

The six-year-old in sock feet and Buzz costume, with a bubble gun in the backyard before school.  (6/10/19)

Looking sharp in his top hat and tie at the Broadway Kids Showcase.  (6/14/19)

"Put on a happy face!" and "Horns to Toes and In Between."  (6/14/19)

The jellicle cats are out tonight!  (6/14/19)

"Jellicles can and jellicles do."  (6/14/19)

The best parties begin with a good sword fight.  (6/15/19)

Playground pirate.  (6/15/19)

After a good amount of running around, the Clue Fairy appeared to guide the merry band of pirates from one point on their map to the next with clues given in rhyme.  (6/15/19)

Some pirates were better at listening to the Clue Fairy than others.  Nonetheless, they eventually made it from Choir's Cove to the Maelstrom; on to the Dinosaur who sent them to Inferno's End; and finally back to Pirate's Port.   (6/15/19)

The treasure chest!  (6/15/19)

It's hard to blow out the candles when we can't manage to light them.  (6/15/19)

The last day of kindergarten and sixth grade.  (6/18/19)

Straight from school to summer fun.  (6/18/19)

Happy for summer.  (6/18/19)

Drying off in the sun.  (6/18/19)

Taking a break from the fountains to crash Truggster's party.  (6/18/19)

Playing with Mama's toys.  (6/18/19)

Ponies and dragons vs. Zuul.  (6/18/19)

The Stage Door capstone.  (6/20/19)

Eliza Schuyler preparing for her wedding.  Buzz attends to her.  (6/21/19)

Watching Toy Story 4 is serious business.  (6/22/19)

Seuss Summer Camp.  (6/28/19)

"Mr. Brown can moo, can you?"  (6/28/19)

Elaine gets congratulated for her fantastic volunteering and narrating.  (6/28/19)

Each kid guides a Playmobil family through a day at the zoo.  (6/30/19)

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