July, '19
Part 1

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The Pixar exhibit at OMSI.  (7/1/19)

Will their structure withstand the air cannon?  (7/1/19)

Building and exploring.  (7/1/19)

2019:  An OMSI Odyssey.  (7/1/19)

Construction is under way...  (7/3/19)

Water break.  (7/3/19)

Good and soaked.  (7/3/19)

Now for testing.  (7/3/19)

Extra frosting and berries means a graham cracker snack.  (7/4/19)

Beautiful banana cake.  (7/4/19)

The sparklers took a while to light...  (7/4/19)

...but now they're reading for casting spells!  (7/4/19)

Crafts at Art & the Vineyard -- building a Captain America.  (7/6/19)

Hamil Family tree vacation.  (7/6/19)

Elaine and her friends started trying to one up each other with gifts of treats at summer camp.  These chocolate cupcakes were delicious and would be hard to beat.  (7/8/19)

Proof that Wesley's a squirrel:  he came home from summer camp with a treasure trove of acorns.  (7/9/19)

Showing off his lovely art from Upstart Crow's "Aesop's Friends" summer camp.  (7/12/19)

Exploring the castle at the Enchanted Forest inside and out.  (7/13/19)

Meeting princesses and sitting on walls.  (7/13/19)

"We are guards!" Wesley chants, very seriously, as the crocodile under Elaine's care, coolly and quietly, does the real guarding.  (7/13/19)

Ponderous puzzling.  (7/14/19)

We saw a Tasty video about how to make Aquarium Cookies, and the kids begged for days to make them.  (7/15/19)

They have jolly ranchers melted in the middle.  (7/15/19)

Watching the candy melt in the middle of the cookies.  (7/15/19)

Cookie spectacles.  (7/15/19)

Time to fill them with sprinkles.  (7/15/19)

"Make it fancy!"  (7/15/19)

Reading is a super power.  (7/16/19)

Apple preparation.  (7/17/19)

A fine crisp.  (7/17/19)

During his visit, Wesley spent a lot of time trying to steal Grandpa Ralph's hat.  (7/17/19)

Sometimes, even when he wasn't wearing it!  (7/17/19)

A brilliant woork of art.  (7/18/19)

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