September, '19

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Walking to his first day of first grade, and stopping to smell the flowers along the way.  (9/4/19)

Ready and excited for the first day of seventh grade.  (9/5/19)

Quinn helps Elaine with their homework.  (9/10/19)

If Wesley lived in a castle, it might look like this.  (9/10/19)

Playing Harry Potter Clue with Chin the puppet.  (9/10/19)

Helping Chin make his move.  (9/10/19)

Hoping for a good roll.  (9/10/19)

Chin played a good game.  But Wesley won.  (9/10/19)

Even grumbly mops like Elaine.  (9/14/19)

Stage Door and Overture go to see Annie at the Shedd.  (9/15/19)

Studiously practicing piano.  (9/17/19)

Throwing hacky-sacks during the Party on the Playground.  (9/20/19)

Delighted by a really good throw.  (9/20/19)

Getting his face painted.  (9/20/19)

Spider-Man!  (9/20/19)

What was he thinking about while swinging around, you ask?  Webs.  (9/20/19)

Representing Upstart Crow in the Eugene Parade.  (9/22/19)

Playing a number-guessing game while waiting for the play to start.  (9/29/19)

Elaine and Wesley meet Annie after an enjoyable performance at the Shedd.  (9/29/19)

Meeting Sandy, whose real name is Kitty.  (9/29/19)

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