October, '19

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Perfect weather for the jog-a-thon.  (10/2/19)

Wesley ran eleven laps.  (10/2/19)

"This was one of my dreams -- swinging by myself."  (10/5/19)

"I would like to live this way.  This is where I want to stay." -- Put Me in the Zoo  (10/6/19)

Swanky new clothes.  (10/8/19)

A vegetarian masterpiece.  (10/11/19)

Elaine needed help with their social studies homework.  Their dad "helped."  (10/12/19)

Elaine and all the small dogs.  (10/12/19)

Playing Life with the dogs.  The dogs may not understand the rules.  Or that the board isn't for sleeping on.  (10/13/19)

Robot Turtle is a very complicated game.  Much too complicated for dogs.  Besides, they couldn't make the funny noises properly.  (10/13/19)

Always and forever climbing.  (10/17/19)

Eating wild grapes in the meadow.  (10/17/19)

Starting the day with a brisk walk.  (10/18/19)

Sometimes, Wesley reads his own bedtime stories.  (10/20/19)

Reading What Animals Really Like.  Though, Wesley thinks it's really about what animals DON'T like.  (10/22/19)

A wondrous object arrived in the mail -- a Hoberman sphere.  (10/24/19)

You can even wear it!  (10/24/19)

These pumpkins are all so big...  (10/24/19)

And some of them are ghosts!  (10/24/19)

Upstart Crow performs teasers for Frozen at the Adventure Children's Museum.  (10/26/19)

Wesley poses with Elsa and Olaf, dressed in costumes his Grand Janet made.  (10/26/19)

A happy snowman in the warm sunlight.  (10/26/19)

Chaoticly wandering through the mall with friends.  (10/26/19)

No one will stop his wild climbing.  (10/26/19)

Quiet communion between two gentle souls.  (10/26/19)

Pondering pumpkins.  And stabbing them.  (10/26/19)

Scooping and carving.  (10/26/19)

Hearts and letters.  (10/26/19)

Captain Hook and Peter Pan, battling while they wait for Tinker Bell to get out of fairy school.  (10/31/19)

The whole Neverland gang.  (10/31/19)

Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, three pirates, and the crocodile who ate my hand!  (10/31/19)

We take a break from trick-or-treating downtown to enjoy some Euphoria chocolate truffles.  (10/31/19)

A mirror into the past.  (10/31/19)

Denizens of Neverland.  (10/31/19)

Ready to head out into the night...  (10/31/19)

Trick-or-treating at Grand Janet's house.  (10/31/19)

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