November, '19

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Upstart Crow performs Frozen Jr.  (11/1/19)

Elaine played the chef and also Elsa's ice powers.  (11/3/19)

Wesley was in the Icicle Crew.  (11/3/19)

The cold never bothered them anyway.  (11/3/19)

Celebrating their amazing performances with well-earned bouquets.  (11/1&3/19)

Riding the carousel during the cast party at Roaring Rapids.  (11/3/19)

Fun, friends, and games.  (11/3/19)

Back to Bounce after taking the summer off.  (11/9/19)

Playing the classic game Rivers, Roads, and Rails.  (11/9/19)

As Wesley was writing a note to the Tooth Fairy to say, "I love the money and stickers," he was struck with an idea:  it would make more sense, seeing as he hadn't received the money and stickers yet, to change it to a request for more money.  He had to spend a while pondering the best amount of money to ask for, before settling on $500.  He's an ambitious little thing.  (11/9/19)

Walking together through the autumn leaves.  (11/10/19)

Wesley dressed up to bring presents over to Grand Janet's house for her birthday, but then she surprised him by making a present for him -- a giant, sparkly, blue bow tie!  (11/15/19)

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Grand Janet.  (11/15/19)

At the recycled crafts night, Wesley made a helicopter, owl, flower, and best of all...  (11/15/19)

...a sock puppet named Yellow Zebra!  (11/15/19)

Story time before bed.  (11/16/19)

Puzzles, puzzles everywhere.  (11/18/19)

Putting together the tree.  (11/23/19)

The playdoh started out all swirly, but then the colors all smooshed together into a kind of purple.  (11/24/19)

Wesley writes a letter to Santa; Elaine decorates the tree.  (11/24/19)

Circus Monkey helps Wesley sleep.  (11/25/19)

Chocolate ornaments!  (11/27/19)

This year, we prepared a Thanksgiving feast with lots of vegetarian options, including the best array of vegetable side dishes we've ever had, a cheese plate, and mushroom gravy for the potatoes.  (11/28/19)

The best parts of Thanksgiving -- the traditional olive hands and the PIE.  Except, really, all of those vegetable dishes were delicious and probably better than the pie, though the pie was also good.  (11/28/19)

Opening their advent calendars.  (11/28/19)

Wesley and I get started on making the rolls.  (11/29/19)

We made one pan of crescent rolls, but then the rest of the dough got made into cinnamon rolls.  (11/29/19)

Flipping around the monkey bars.  (11/30/19)

"Cuddled up together, like two birds of a feather would be."  (11/30/19)

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