December, '19

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Meeting Clifford the Big Red Dog at the elementary school book fair.  (12/3/19)

Thinking very hard about how many counting bears are in the jar.  (12/3/19)

Calling home from Chicago to talk to Elaine... and be shown lots of things by Wesley.  (12/5/19)

Family Day at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.  (12/7/19)

Powerful works of art.  (12/7/19)

An acapella rendition of "Lean on Me" at the Roosevelt Middle School Orchestra/Choir Concert. (12/11/19)

The gym bleachers at the concert were very crowded, and the concert was very long... but the acapella performance was very beautiful.  (12/11/19)

Watching a new Christmas classic -- Noelle.  (12/13/19)

What better way to start a Saturday morning than with a little gymnastics?  (12/14/19)

Harmony Roadhouse Christmas recital.  (12/15/19)

Patient in the pews.  (12/15/19)

Wesley invents a game where he shuts himself in a dark closet, assembles an outfit by touch, and then comes out wearing it.  (12/18/19)

Saying, "Hey, dude," to his reflection in the glass door, and then, "Hello, I'm Grandpa Ralph!"  (12/18/19)

Making paper chains together.  (12/21/19)

So festive.  (12/21/19)

An elf in the wrapping department.  (12/21/19)

A giant snowball.  Apparently.  (12/21/19)

Jumping into a snowdrift.  Made of blankets.  (12/21/19)

An elf in the baking department.  (12/21/19)

Ready to watch Beauty & the Beast at the Actors Cabaret.  (12/21/19)

At the end, Elaine went up to congratulate their friend who played Chip, and Wesley continued trying to play Rock/Paper/Scissors.  (12/21/19)

Christmas coloring on the floor.  (12/22/19)

Taking a break from coloring to theorize about what's in his presents.  (12/22/19)

Threading popcorn and cranberries into a chain.  (12/23/19)

Slow, meditative work.  (12/23/19)

A festive snack for the birds and squirrels.  (12/23/19)

The different styles of playing Bananagrams -- serious and... icerat.  (12/23/19)

Last minute present wrapping.  (12/24/19)

Time to make cookies.  (12/24/19)

Gingerbread cookies.  (12/24/19)

And now for gingerbread houses.  (12/24/19)

The extra candy from the houses can help decorate the cookies from before.  (12/24/19)

A lovely little gingerbread village.  (12/24/19)

It turns out that Elaine is very fast at Bananagrams.  (12/24/19)

Reading The Night Before Christmas.  With a dinosaur.  The dinosaur insisted on being included.  (12/24/19)

They each wrote a letter to Santa.  Wesley's is mostly stickers.  (12/24/19)

You'd think they'd go to bed so Santa could come... but instead, this.  (12/24/19)

Patiently waiting for hours, Wesley quietly read cookbooks on the floor until the rest of us woke up.  (12/25/19)

Wesley thinks that Santa's elves should do a better job of wrapping presents next year, as he found a corner where the paper doesn't quite line up, and he can see what's underneath.  (12/25/19)

Troves of delight.  (12/25/19)

As soon as we agreed it was time to open presents, Wesley INSTANTLY unwrapped his biggest one.  It wasn't at all what he expected, but he was very pleasantly surprised.  (12/25/19)

Wesley ripped his presents open; Elaine was more methodical.  (12/25/19)

Half of the fun is watching everyone else open their presents -- especially since some of them had been wrapped in creative ways.  (12/25/19)

So many treasures -- piles of books, rainbow suspenders, and a ball that lights up when it spins.  (12/25/19)

Quietly reading their new books and playing with their new toys.  (12/25/19)

How to spend the weird days between Christmas and New Years?  Riding bikes and decorating cookies.
This cookie the Doctor... somehow brutally murdered by a pile of sonic screwdrivers.  (12/26&28/19)

Getting ready to ride into a new year.  (12/27/19)

The kids made pizza from scratch.  It turned out kind of weird, but also weirdly delicious.  (12/30/19)

Looking at the pictures of themselves on Christmas.  (12/30/19)

A lovely tableau, ripe and ready for... DESTRUCTION!  (12/31/19)

Punching and chomping houses.  (12/31/19)

Cookie carnage.  (12/31/19)

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