January, '20

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Casino moguls building their attractions.  (1/3/20)

Leaping and spinning.  (1/4/20)

The playground is a joyous place.  (1/4/20)

The music of the day.  (1/4/20)

Being scanned by the Doctor with his sonic.  (1/5/20)

Dog and child -- a vision in taupe.  (1/16/20)

Working hard at Coffee Plant Roaster.  (1/20/20)

Hanging out in the trees.  (1/23/20)

Casting a magic spell.  (1/25/20)

What's hidden inside this TARDIS?  A light switch!  (1/30/20)

Have any... nines???  (1/30/20)

Wesley dressed  his dog up as himself, creating Spider-Dog.  (1/30/20)

Daisies are so versatile -- they make lovely crowns and affectionate offerings to confused dogs.  (1/233&30/20)

Connecting with their friends.  (1/30/20)

New hairstyle!  (1/31/20)

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