March, '20

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A lovely day for a walk.  (3/1/20)

Delta Ponds.  (3/1/20)

A homemade pizza, decorated to have the face of a bear, to celebrate my eight Ursa Major nominations.  (3/1/20)

Too cool for school.  And Wesley asked me to draw a monster with four arms, four legs, one mouth, and one eye.  (3/2&4/20)

A cheerful, technicolor Munchkin greets Dorothy in the Upstart Crow production of The Wizard of Oz.  (3/6/20)

An actor with a wide range:  from cheerful Munchkin to fearsome flying monkey.  (3/6/20)

Elaine plays a Tin Man with a big heart.  (3/6/20)

"If I only had a heart..."  (3/6/20)

Flowers for a very fine performance.  (3/6/20)

Flowers and friends.  (3/6/20)

Watching the trains pass by 5th St. Market while we work.  And going on walks, while Elaine's busy with rehearsals.  (3/7&9/20)

Returning to his old preschool stomping grounds, where we used to wander around looking at the statues, especially the big silver TARDIS to the Ghostbusters planet.  (3/9/20)

Halfway up Spencer Butte.  (3/11/20)

At the top of Spencer Butte.  (3/11/20)

It's not actually a clover, but it does have a lot of leaves!  (3/12/20)

Watching Jeeves & Wooster inspired Wesley to design a robot.  (3/12/20)

Unlike Jeeves though, this robot will be designed to obey Wesley's every command without question.  (3/12/20)

Wesley made fruit smoothies with the ice cream left over from pie day.  (3/15/20)

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