April, '20

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Wesley observes Truggster and the tiny hedgehogs who have crashed the lovely tea time arranged by Elaine.  (4/3/20)

Sea lion, luck dragon, and grinning child.  (4/7/20)

Wesley alternates bugging me with working on writing a book to give their dad for his birthday.  (4/7/20)

Distance learning.  (4/8/20)

A scientific drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog, and a totally non-scientific tiger costume.  (4/8/20)

An antique Garfield birthday card from the 80s.  Classic.  (4/8/20)

Wesley reads their book, "The Crazy Moose," about a moose who thinks they're a human, and then goes and asks a bunch of different animals what they are.  (4/8/20)

Porg has a lot to say.  (4/8/20)

Singing "Happy Birthday" to their dad.  (4/8/20)

And so it begins...  (4/11/20)

Grand Janet sews bunny ears for Truggster while the kids dye eggs.  (4/11/20)

Solid colors and rainbows.  (4/11/20)

Patience and precision.  (4/11/20)

Thinking about which of the eggs are their favorites.  (4/11/20)

Setting up their Easter baskets.  Elaine carefully arranged their eggs; Wesley piled in as many as would fit.  (4/11/20)

All ready for the Easter bunny to come.  Also, the Easter bunny better hurry, or Wesley will eat all the eggs!  (4/11/20)

The treasures of Easter morning.  Wesley had already eaten a great deal of candy by the time the rest of us got up.  Elaine saved theirs.    (4/12/20)

These funny little creatures -- half Furby, half slap-wrap -- sing together when near each other.  (4/12/20)

Would Aunt Porgy like to sing with them?  (4/12/20)

Trudy would not like to sing.  (4/12/20)

Let the egg hunts begin!  (4/12/20)

The searchers scattered to the winds, seeking the delectable, hidden treasures in every corner of the yard.  (4/12/20)

First, the adults hid 40 eggs for the kids.  Then Elaine hid 25 eggs for Wesley.  And finally Wesley hid 25 eggs for Elaine.  Only two were permanently lost.  (4/12/20)

Do you see the pink egg?  Wesley hasn't yet, but they will soon.  (4/12/20)

Fred and George don't understand why they don't get any eggs.  (4/12/20)

It's an Easter robbery!  (4/12/20)

Elaine continues to carefully ration their candy.  (4/12/20)

Wesley eats it all.  (4/12/20)

Wesley draws their favorite season of apple tree for school.  They selected fall, because that's when the apples are ripe.  (4/13/20)

Next, Wesley watches a video of a book about a cat on her first day of school and has to come up with similarities between the book and their own first day of distance school.  (4/13/20)

Ah, why do school work when one can play VIDEO GAMES.  Wesley plays Sonic; I play Candy Crush.  (4/13/20)

Grand Janet has been sewing us all masks.  (4/16/20)

Wesley strikes a pose.  And then later, strikes a pose with a portrait of the original pose.  (4/20/20)

The kids don't sleep anymore.  They just stay up late bugging Amy and claiming to work on homework.  (4/21/20)

Finding small bright points of beauty.  (4/22/20)

Hanging out in the office while I have my nightly Zoom chat with Alexis.  (4/24/20)

Daniel plays guitar; Elaine plays piano; Wesley sings and picks the songs.  (4/24/20)

The kids receive a care package from Great Aunt Janell and Great Uncle Bill with ye old timey newspaper, several books, and pen and pencil sets.  (4/28/20)

Wesley built a robot and then filmed it with their school iPad, which is a treasure trove of entertaining activities.  (4/29/20)

Photography is a highly diverting pastime.  (4/29/20)

The camera app has a comic book filter.  (4/29/20)

Cool cool photos.  (4/29/20)

Quarantine is a good time for video games.  (4/30/20)

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