May, '20

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Wesley recreates an iconic picture of their older sibling.  (5/1/20)

Wesley starts a million railroad auctions in Raccoon Tycoon, and their dad ends up with a lot of railroads.  (5/2/20)

Breakfast for dinner, and Raccoon Tycoon for hours.  (5/2&3/20)

A pirate and a dog set off on a journey.  (5/4/20)

But the real treasure was the adorable dog and the friendly pats he received along the way.  (5/4/20)

Five dogs, five candles on their shared birthday cake.  (5/5/20)

Peanut butter, applesauce, and molasses cake with cream cheese/peanut butter frosting.  The dogs are thrilled.  (5/5/20)

Keeping busy with schoolwork and music.  (5/5/20)

Wesley wanted to have a Jedi battle.  (5/7/20)

Their tactics seemed to involve a lot of running away to hide among the trees.  (5/7/20)

"Sith don't climb trees."  (5/7/20)

The weeds in the rose garden turned out to be Sith droids.  Fortunately, we had a Jedi who was very skilled at disabling them.  (5/7/20)

As the sun sets, the light saber battle rages on.  (5/7/20)

The kids discover they can escape their bedtime by writing fiction that interests me.  While Elaine works on a short story about a cat flying to the moon, Wesley begins an epic mash-up of Lost In Space and Sonic the Hedgehog.  (5/7/20)

The morning Zoom meeting and breakfast.  (5/8/20)

Mother's Day treats.  (5/10/20)

A Mother's Day toast.  (5/10/20)

The masked biker:  getting some exercise while keeping a safe distance.  (5/11/20)

Going for a walk and stopping to pick flowers along the way.  (5/20/20)

Wishes and bouquets.  (5/20/20)

Bouquets and bouquets.  (5/20/20)

Birthday countdowns and grumpy cats.  (5/21&19/20)

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