June, '20

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Reading The Little Prince aloud.  (6/6/20)

Elaine draws a lovely, nearly life-size portrait of Truggster.  (6/6/20)

Quietly coloring.  (6/6/20)

We made it outside!  (6/8/20)

The weather called for umbrellas.  Although, they're not quite as effective when held this way.  (6/8/20)

Elaine prepares to bake a cherry chip cake for Wesley's birthday.  (6/9/20)

Grand Janet brings over some round pans to help with the cake.  (6/9/20)

Wesley directs me in decorating the cake.  (6/9/20)

Wesley shows me where we should add yellow M&Ms, representing a loop of gold rings that Sonic is about to collect.  (6/9/20)

Cherry chip cake with cherry filling and cherry frosting.  (6/9/20)

Elaine stays up way past bedtime blowing up balloons for Wesley's birthday in the morning.  Quinn wants no part of it.  (6/9/20)

Wesley came downstairs on their birthday morning to find a robot, Wooster2020, with a note explaining that Dr. Robotnik had stolen some of their presents.  Oh no!  (6/10/20)

Before facing Dr. Robotnik, our hero must be properly outfitted with a Sonic costume, six golden rings, and a suit of armor.  (6/10/20)

A magic dinosaur wand and a little extra information about robots is also a good idea.  (6/10/20)

Dr. Robotnik came flying through the house and into our front yard, complete with battle music playing on Elaine's phone.  (6/10/20)

Wesley slaughtered the badnik, only to find candy and a secret note inside, explaining the whereabouts of the robots who'd stolen their presents. (6/10/20)

Wesley conquers Jeeves2020 and extracts the stolen presents from inside.  (6/10/20)

Final boss time!  (6/10/20)

With the badnik beheaded, Wesley can safely extract the golden egg from inside.  (6/10/20)

A llama-corn hatches from the golden egg, and Wesley loves it.  (6/10/20)

Then the llama-corn grooooows.  (6/10/20)

After successfully defeating Dr. Robotnik, our hero celebrates with cherry chip cake.  (6/10/20)

Stand-off with a tiny dinosaur.  (6/12/20)

The training wheels have come off.  (6/14/20)

From zero to biking in no time flat.  (6/14/20)

Photo-bombing Truggster and Lizzie.  (6/15/20)

Art time at Grand Janet's.  (6/16/20)

Toast Trees.  (6/16/20)

Amy to the left of me; Quinn to the right.  Stuck in the middle with dogs.  (6/16/20)

The two speeds of walking.  (6/16/20)

Elaine carefully gathers flowers for their wedding to themself.  (6/16/20)

Padawan Sonic Skywalker trains with their Jedi Master.  (6/17/20)

You see, walks are boring.  Jedi training is fun.  (6/17/20)

Wesley is interested in learning how to build a robot.  As a first step, they've de-constructed a Roomba.  (6/18/20)

Two Jedis clash.  (6/20/20)

Training in light saber technique while getting our daily walk.  (6/20/20)

Sometimes a walk is just a walk.  (6/21/20)

After many months of laying fallow, our fish tank has been repopulated.  (6/22/20)

Wesley has wanted a bow and arrows for a long time.  Thanks to Oma Suzy and a gift card, they finally got them.  (6/23/20)

Picking the first cherries from our volunteer cherry tree.  There were enough for us to each have three, and they were delicious.  (6/23/20)

"Wow, I think this is, like, 15 books you made, up to this book."  (6/23/20)

Reading a little of The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats.  Wesley seemed most interested in "Shreddy and the Dancing Dragon."  (6/23/20)

Among other clever bedtime-delaying-tactics, Elaine has started drawing art for me.  This piece is particularly suited to my interests.  (6/26/20)

We sent the kids next door to Grand Janet's to give me time to write...  (6/30/20)

...so Grand Janet taught them how to play Black Jack and gamble.  (6/30/20)

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