July, '20

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Reading up about unicorns to prepare for Unicorn Weekend with their pony Magic Milkshake.  (7/2/20)

Lee bought themself a shiny, complicated watch full of games and abilities with their allowance.  (7/2/20)

Unicorn toast and a homegrown cherry.  (7/3&4/20)

Decorating the giant unicorn-shaped cookie with delicious fruit.  (7/4/20)

Fruit pizza -- dessert of the unicorns.  (7/4/20)

Kebabs on pointy sticks for Unicorn Weekend.  (7/4/20)

Corn cob vs. fork!  (7/4/20)

Unicorn drinks that were so exciting the kids ate the fancy fruit kebabs in them before we could get pictures.  (7/4/20)

The crowning event of Unicorn Weekend -- fireworks!  (7/4/20)

Casting magic spells with sparkling wands.  (7/4/20)

More Roomba disassembling.  (7/7/20)

Sock puppets for zoomsicals and rag cats for Cat Weekend.  (7/6&11/20)

We wear masks everywhere we go.  (7/11/20)

Lee filled a box with pirate treasure and then decorated it.  (7/11/20)

Time to bury the treasure chest in the backyard!  (7/11/20)

Preparing Mice Cream for Cat Weekend.  (7/11/20)

Reading stories about cats -- specifically, "Shreddy and the Dancing Dragon" -- during Cat Weekend.  (7/11/20)

Very sleepy, watching my favorite anime, Whisper of the Heart, for Cat Weekend.  (7/12/20)

Lee started keeping a reading log, where they write all the books they read with a sentence about each one.  (7/12/20)

Canine chaos.  (7/12/20)

The kids crash my nightly Zoom call to say "hi" to Alexis.  (7/13/20)

Piano lessons during quarantine.  (7/14/20)

Clean and organized drawers!  (7/14/20)

Cleaning out my desk by putting all the contents into Lee's hair.  (7/15/20)

Lee spent the morning at Grand Janet's house, being one of the dogs.  (7/17/20)

Being like Jim Henson.  (7/17/20)

Ready for Teddy Bear Picnic Weekend.  (7/17/20)

We brought our teddy bears to Grand Janet's back-backyard and setup picnic blankets.  (7/17/20)

We ate sandwiches and peanut-butter fudge with raspberry hibiscus iced tea to drink.  And Lane named the yard the Teddy Bear Garden.  (7/17/20)

Time for the teddy bears to fly.  (7/17/20)

Teddy Graham s'mores.  (7/17/20)

Bearclaws and teddy bear puzzles.  (7/18/20)

Appreciating the beauty.  (7/18/20)

Documenting the beauty.  (7/18/20)

Eating the beauty.  (7/18/20)

Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, side by side.  (7/20/20)

Peaceful bliss.  (7/21/20)

Why sleep in a bed, when you can instead make a nest on the floor?  (7/21/20)

Diligently working on their workbook.  (7/23/20)

Raptly watching Disney's The Little Mermaid trilogy.  Over the rest of Mermaid Weekend, we watched Miranda, Mad About Men, Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, Sabrina Down Under, Splash, Rachel Bloom's "I Was a Mermaid and Now I'm a Pop Star," the 1939 Silly Symphony "Merbabies," and a live concert version of The Little Mermaid.  (7/24/20)

Decorating cupcakes for Mermaid Weekend.  (7/24/20)

Each cupcake sported blue sparkle sprinkles, pearl sprinkles, a gummy octopus, gummy shark, and Swedish fish.  (7/24/20)

Taking a break during a walk at the park.  (7/25/20)

Live on stage for the Zoomsical The Big One-Oh!  (7/26/20)

Inviting siblings on stage for taking a bow.  (7/26/20)

"There is a castle made of cardboard / I like to go there in the day..."  (7/26/20)

"There ain't nobody in my way / Not in my castle made of cardboard."  (7/26/20)

On their birthday morning, Lane came downstairs to find most of their presents missing and a note from Kelly, explaining that she'd chased away a bunch of fairies who seemed to be trying to steal their presents.  (7/27/20)

A note from the fairies gave Lane a clue about where to find the first of their missing presents -- which turned out to be a book with another clue hidden inside.  (7/27/20)

Each book held a clue to where the next present was hidden, and they were hidden all over the house.  (7/27/20)

As Lane chased down the clues, they ended up with an ever-growing tower of books.  (7/27/20)

What's inside the biggest present?  Another present!  (7/27/20)

Is it presents all the way down?  No, there's something green and fuzzy inside!  (7/27/20)

The Puppeteer meets their puppet.  (7/27/20)

For lunch, we had the fanciest tea yet, complete with three kinds of finger sandwiches, two kinds of cookies, mini quiches, fruit salad in a melon bowl, and petit fours.  (7/27/20)

A fancy tea calls for fancy clothes and fancy hats.  (7/27/20)

Trying out their new music books while the puppets sing.  (7/27/20)

"The best part -- you know, when you blow out the candles and get to make a wish." --The Big One-Oh  (7/27/20)

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