Mary E. Lowd

"Stand tall like Worf; speak precisely like Data; and, never do anything Picard would not approve."

Mary E. Lowd is a science-fiction and furry writer in Eugene, Oregon.  She lives in the Raptor Nest with her husband Daniel, daughter Elaine, son Wesley, four cats, and three dogs.
She's a member of SFWA, the Furry Writers' GuildBroad Universe, Mid-Valley Willamette Writers, a judge for the Cat Writers' Association, and co-chair of the Wordos.

Mary's novels, Otters In Space and Otters In Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly, are published by FurPlanet.

Learn more about Otters In Space!
To learn more about the person behind the fiction, either peruse the many years worth of digital flotsam accumulated at the links below or simply send an email to the spoonfree version of:
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More than forty of Mary's short stories have been published with more on the way! Learn about them in this list of publications (with brief descriptions) or this bibliography.

Mary's fiction has been nominated thirteen times for Ursa Major Awards.  Five of her short stories, all nominated for Best Short Fiction in 2012, are available together in an e-book mini-anthology, described below.
Pick up the Ursa Major 2012 Short Fiction Reading Packet to read about a mad mouse scientist, a man cursed by the Faerie queen, a cantankerous cat, and a woman who drinks tea with a dragon and a unicorn all in the same e-book!

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