Cover of the book "Commander Annie and Other Adventures" by Mary E. Lowd
Cover by Teagan Gavet

Commander Annie and Other Adventures

When Annie's best friend ditches her, she has to go on an adventure of her own. In a cardboard spaceship, she flies to the most dangerous planet she's discovered. In this collection, meet aliens, fairies, and talking animals; travel to faraway worlds and magical realms; and discover the point where science-fiction and fantasy blend.

From the award-winning author of The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats, read this selection of twelve delightful tales, including two original novellas: "Commander Annie" and "Nawry the Noodlebeast."

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By Mary E. Lowd. Published by Argyll Productions (November 2023).

Hell Moon (Xeno-Spectre Book 1)

A search and rescue mission on a deserted moon goes wrong when Janice and her crew mates are attacked in the dark abandoned city beneath the surface. Infected by a strange blue energy, Janice doesn't know how much time they have left, or what will happen when time runs out. The underground ruins crawl with mysterious, scarab-like figures, and even death isn't a certain escape, when the dead rise as ghostly forms.

The only logical choice is to flee, but the lizard-like aliens paying for the mission insist on forging on. Their secretive agenda and the sordid history of the sentient spaceship who brought them there divide the crew, when they can't afford to be divided.

Trapped on hell moon, Janice must fight to keep as much of her crew alive as possible while wrestling against impossible odds. The only one who has a clue about how all the pieces tie together is a little girl who survived the last hundred years asleep in her cryo-pod.

On a world where the dead rise as ghosts and multiple civilizations have already been destroyed, solving the mystery of the scarabs might be the only way to survive and escape... HELL MOON.

Don't miss this dark, action-packed adventure through a hostile universe. Perfect for fans of sci-fi thrillers and horror, from Alien to Jurassic Park.

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By Mary E. Lowd. Published by Deep Sky Anchor Press (September 2023).

Entanglement Bound (Entangled Universe Book 1)

Clarity's home is her spaceship. Living on the move. Planet to planet.

When money trouble forces Clarity and her traveling companion, Irohann, to take on passengers, Irohann worries his secret identity will be revealed. He's a canine alien on the run from an empire of sentient plants, and their queen has a personal vendetta against him.

But Clarity believes his fears are unfounded and the Doraspians gave up on him long ago.

Heartsick at the idea of losing their ship, Clarity accepts an offer that's clearly too good to be true, and they find themselves swept up in the crazy schemes of a rogue AI in a stolen robot body and her haphazardly assembled team of disparate aliens, including a hive-minded swarm, a giant insect, a rabbit-like alien, and a living spaceship who loves bunnies. Together the team must break into an abandoned science station, mangled by an entangled particle trying to destroy the universe.

When disaster strikes, Clarity steps up to pull the team together, but it may come at the cost of the very home and friendship she was trying to save.

Don't miss this space opera full of unique and unforgettable aliens, and a universe full of adventure. Perfect for fans of classic Space Opera, from Star Wars to Firefly.

Available for sale at Amazon and as an audiobook at Audible.
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by Aethon Books (December 2020).

The Entropy Fountain (Entangled Universe Book 2)

There is no rest for heroes. Clarity saved the universe once, but it already needs saving again.

Against reservations and amid arguments, Clarity rescues a pair of Doraspian diplomats on the run. The two sentient plants and their reptilian advisor are keeping a secret that could make their own government turn on them, and turn them into science-experiments waiting to be dissected.

In need of answers, Clarity and her crew head to Wespirtech, the foremost research institute in their corner of the galaxy, where scientists play with the principles of the universe like kids play with toys.

Clarity learns that when her crew sewed the universe back together, something got tangled in the thread, and she must race against a fleet of Doraspians to stop universes from colliding. Every member of her crew must decide: are they up for saving the universe again? Or will Clarity lose her new found family and have to face off against the Doraspians alone?

The exciting second book in the Entangled Universe is here. Aliens, adventure, space battles with starwhals? What else could a space opera fan want?

Available for sale at Amazon and as an audiobook at Audible.
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by Aethon Books (January 2021).

Cover of Starwhal In Flight

Starwhal in Flight (Entangled Universe Book 3)

Where are the other starwhals? The question haunts Clarity, echoing in her dreams.

The cyborg starwhal who Clarity and her crew inhabit has become more than a spaceship or home to them. She's their friend. But while Clarity and crew are filling their starwhal's belly with a gengineered garden, the rest of the pod is still held captive by the Aether Gaia scientists who tinker with and experiment upon them like lab animals.

The all-powerful AI, Wisper, who stretches across star-systems -- inhabiting computers on every space station Clarity has visited -- promised to free the other starwhals. But either she's broken her promise, or something worse has gone wrong.

Clarity and her crew must rescue the starwhals, hoping it will it cure their own beloved starwhal, who has grown sick with worry.

Or is she sick with something else?

Available for sale at Amazon and as an audiobook at Audible.
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by Aethon Books (February 2021).

You're Cordially Invited to Crossroads Station

New for 2023!

When an unexpected wedding invitation arrives, Anno packs her family up for a trip across the stars.

There's a lot of fun, touristy things to do on Crossroads Station, including spacewalks, cloud surfing on New Jupiter, and enjoying the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a place that's home to many dozens of different species of alien. But there's also a reckoning to be had with her larger family, who Anno hasn't seen in eight years. She was born and raised in the cult of Xeno-Nativity, and most of her dozen siblings -- each of a different species -- are still enmeshed in the myrmecoidal matrons' talons. Can they forgive her for leaving them behind? And can she save them from staying trapped there forever?

This is a story about crossing star systems to be with the ones you love, the complexity of family, and the power of reconnecting with the best parts of your past, while fighting to leave the worst parts behind.

Available now on Kindle or paperback!

By Mary E. Lowd. Published by Deep Sky Anchor Press (July 2023).

Cover of Lunar Cavity Cover art by LYCHGATE

Lunar Cavity

When faced with a natural disaster beyond their abilities to handle, the bat-like people of Wrombarra gather scientists from every corner of the galaxy to help. Druthel escorts an elite team of human scientists from Wespirtech back to his planet, but in his heart, he believes only one of them has the necessary background and intellect to save his world.

Can Druthel convince Rhiannon—a brilliant physicist with a dark secret—to put her past failures aside and open her heart to science again?

By Mary E. Lowd. Published by Goal Publications (August 2020). Currently out of print.

Cover art for Tri-Galactic Trek
Cover art by Teagan Gavet

Tri-Galactic Trek

To boldly go where no cat or dog has gone before…

Join Captain Pierre Jacques and the intrepid crew of the Starship Initiativeon their grand journey through the universe. In addition to the loyal dogs and clever cats onboard, meet an Ursine exchange officer and a photosynthetic green otteroid from the planet Cetazed, not to mention the only android in the fleet—an androgynous arctic fox.

In this episodic novel, you will encounter alien races, strange worlds, technological malfunctions, and an all powerful trickster in the form of a Cheshire cat. Get ready for a ride of discovery, awe, and wonder from the Ursa Major Award-winning author of the Otters In Space trilogy.

Available for sale at FurPlanet (print), Amazon (print), and Bad Dog Books (ebook)!
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by FurPlanet, December 2019.

Cover art for Nexus Nine
Cover art by Teagan Gavet

Nexus Nine

Deep space, nine lives… Or maybe nine-hundred?

When a calico cat with a computer chip in her head — full of lifetimes worth of memories — sets out to uncover the mysteries of her distant past, she finds herself on a space station in a recently war-torn star system.  Will her best friend from one of her previous lives as a dog still accept her?  Can she make new friends with the local bird-like aliens, and how does her own past entangle with the history of a strange shape-changing insect seeking answers of zir own? As Mazel Rheun studies the local deep space anomaly, it becomes increasingly clear…

The answers lie on the other side of… NEXUS NINE.

Available for sale at FurPlanet (print), Amazon (print), and Bad Dog Books (ebook)!
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by FurPlanet, July 2019.

Cover art for Jove Deadly
Cover art by Idess

Jove Deadly’s Lunar Detective Agency

Jove Deadly is a bloodhound with a rundown detective agency on the moon, but a new case has Jove thinking he only has a nose for trouble. When a poodle saunters into Jove’s office and hires him to find her missing fiancé, he doesn’t expect the missing dog to be his own ne’er-do-well brother, Aries Deadly!

Another day, another mystery. But whenever the Deadly family gets together, there’s bound to be trouble. Jove and his otter sidekick, Roen, have to work together with Tara Deadly to investigate a stable of unsavory and would-be pillars of the scientific community to track down a bit of First Race technology—and their own payday.

This double-story book contains two exciting, DEADLY mysteries that will take you from an amusement park on the moon to a chase across Earth!

Available for sale at FurPlanet (print) and Bad Dog Books (ebook)!
By Garrett Marco and Mary E. Lowd. Published by FurPlanet, March 2019.

Cover art for Otters in Space
Cover art by Doc Marcus

Otters In Space

A 2010 Ursa Major Award nominee for Best Anthropomorphic Novel.

Humans have left the Earth, and dogs rule. Kipper is an oppressed tabby cat who dreams of a better place where cats are free to run their own lives. When Kipper discovers a secret that might lead her to such a paradise, along with the secret comes trouble— first, Kipper’s sister disappears, and, then, she’s attacked by a dog goon herself. Kipper’s escape takes her on a mad dash to Ecuador and the space elevator, where she catches a ride up to the otter-designed space station. Once in “otter space,” Kipper must navigate an uncomfortably watery world to find out what happened to her sister and whether there really is a cat paradise.

Available for sale at FurPlanet and Amazon.
Also in e-book form at Smashwords, the Kindle store, and other e-book retailers around the web.

By Mary E. Lowd. Published by FurPlanet (January, 2012), self-published (August, 2010).

Cover art for Otters in Space II
Cover art by Doc Marcus

Otters In Space II: Jupiter, Deadly

A 2013 Ursa Major Award nominee for Best Anthropomorphic Novel

Spies!  Jet packs!  And a water-phobic feline surrounded by otters!  IN SPACE!

On her way back to Earth, Kipper the tabby cat finds her plans derailed when hostile vessels attack friendly otter ships orbiting Jupiter.  The Jolly Barracuda flies to the rescue, dragging the hapless tabby even farther from home and embroiling her deep inthe beginnings of an interplanetary war.

Meanwhile, political turmoil on Earth forces Trudith, the dog goon turned bodyguard, into a serious moral quandary — how far will she go to protect her alpha cat?  Soon every cat and dog on Earth is wondering, will a cat be the next president and will Kipper make it home?

Available for sale at FurPlanet and Amazon.
Also in e-book form at Smashwords, the Kindle store, and other e-book retailers around the web.

By Mary E. Lowd. Published by FurPlanet, July 2013.

Cover art by Idess

Otters In Space III: Octopus Ascending

Intrigue, adventure, and octopi await!

On the eve of war between Earth and Jupiter, one brave tabby cat embarks on a journey that will rock the foundation of her world as she travels between the depths of the sea and the depths of space.  While Kipper seeks an audience with the octopus oligarchy, her sister Petra struggles against tyrannies and conspiracies among the dog and cat government of the Uplifted States.  Meanwhile, across the solar system, the otter Jenny leads her team of pirates and scientists as they try to uncover the secrets of the ancient, abandoned Europa base.

Can the creatures of Earth, working together, stop the Jovian fleet in time?

Available for sale at FurPlanet and Amazon.
Also in e-book form at Smashwords, the Kindle store, and other e-book retailers around the web.
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by FurPlanet, July 2017.

Cover art for In A Dog's World
Cover art by Idess

In A Dog’s World

Katasha Blake is a cat surrounded by cats. She loves her littermates, but she’s tired of having them in every part of her life. She wants to go to Isleywood College, a prestigious school where most of the students are dogs.

Then Katasha meets Howell, a handsome upperclassman and a dog. What will her family think? Is Howell even interested in a high school cat? All Katasha knows is, she can’t wait to leave for college.

Available for sale at FurPlanet and Barnes & Noble.
Also in e-book form at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Bad Dog Books.

By Mary E. Lowd. Published by FurPlanet (July 2015).

Cover of When A Cat Loves A Dog
Cover art by Idess

When A Cat Loves A Dog

Dogs snicker and cats flatten their ears as Lashonda and Topher walk down the aisle, but the outside world can’t change their love.

When a feline scientist and canine comedian start their life together in Old York, the judgement of their friends and family is only the first hurdle they have to face. As Lashonda continues her research and Topher climbs the ladder of fame, their quest for happiness takes them to the otter seastead of Friedan Isle where Dr. Flockhart, a rogue scientist, operates outside the laws of the mainland and promises to make their dreams come true.

If Dr. Flockhart succeeds, the nature of their society may be changed forever.

Available for sale at the Kindle store.
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by Goal Publications (May 2020).

Cover art by Josephe Vandel

The Snake’s Song: A Labyrinth of Souls Novel

The Celestial Fragments, Book 1

When a creature of the treetops listens to the song of a snake, she finds herself drawn into an adventure deep under the earth. Witch-Hazel was never good at being a squirrel. She could never find her lost stashes of acorns, but maybe she can prove herself by finding a treasure that matters much more — the lost Celestial Fragments of the All-Being. Witch-Hazel’s quest takes her through labyrinths, lost mole cities, and underground kingdoms. She faces riddles from a leontaur, an army of ghost moles, and sorcerer crabs, but she also makes unexpected friends. Can Witch-Hazel find the Celestial Fragments and make it back to the sunlight world above? If she survives, will she be the same squirrel who began her journey, or has she been forever changed by the snake’s song?

Available for sale at Amazon.

For sale in paperback and ebook at Amazon.
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by ShadowSpinners Press (March 2018).

Book cover for "The Bee's Waltz" by Mary E. Lowd
Cover art by Josephe Vandel

The Bee’s Waltz: A Labyrinth of Souls Novel

The Celestial Fragments, Book 2

After generations of living in a purple dogwood, Zwi’s hive needs to find a new tree to call home. The honeybee has been searching everywhere for a tree blessed by the All-Being, while her squirrel friend, Witch-Hazel, tags along. But then Witch-Hazel begins seeing visions of her long-lost, beloved otter friend, Fish-Breath, guiding her on a journey toward the All-Being’s castle in the sky. To complete their quests, the honeybee and squirrel must seek favors from a mysterious Luna moth, brave the temptations of a unicorn’s garden, and avoid being drawn into the ongoing rivalry between a flock of ravens and a golden eagle living on the stem of giant beanstalk stretching into the sky.

If the honeybee and squirrel can hold the course, they just might learn the secret behind why the endless rivers between the earth and sky dried up long ago and heal a timeless wound to their world. But most importantly, maybe Witch-Hazel will get to see Fish-Breath again.

For sale in paperback and ebook at Amazon.
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by ShadowSpinners Press (November 2021).

Cover art by Josephe Vandel

The Otter’s Wings: A Labyrinth of Souls Novel

The Celestial Fragments, Book 3

After returning from their visit to the All-Being, Witch-Hazel the squirrel tries to retire in Riverton with her friends Fish-Breath the otter and Twiggy the beaver.  But their adventures haunt them, in the form of Fish-Breath’s un-otter-like wings, gifted by the Celestial Fragments.  A dangerous, magical figure tracks Fish-Breath down, and the three friends find themselves back on the run in Twiggy’s hot air balloon, trying to escape the frightening shadow-cats and looking for a way to extract the Celestial Fragments from Fish-Breath’s body.

The adventurers seek help on an island of gryphons, from a mad scientist octopus, and in the watery realm of a koi fish queen.  All the while, Witch-Hazel’s connection to the magic flowing through their world grows, and she begins to suspect there are deep secrets about the nature of magic and their world that the queens of the elemental realms haven’t been telling her.

For sale in paperback and ebook at Amazon.
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by ShadowSpinners Press (November 2022).

Cover art for The Necromouser

The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats

An angry cat who discovers the techno-mystical ability to raise mice from the dead…

A starving kitten who discovers a secret hidden in the San Francisco bay…

A witch’s cat, a scientist’s cat, and a cat who recognizes no owner…

In this collection, follow the adventures of the beloved tabby cat Shreddy as he faces off with zombies, ghosts, gryphons, foolhardy dogs, and all sorts of household appliances.

Then meet a series of cats whose stories will take you from heartbreak to joy, showing the magic in our own world through the reflection of a cat’s eyes.

Necromouser contains four all new stories and five Ursa Major nominated stories, including “Shreddy and the Carnivorous Plant.”

Available for sale at FurPlanet and Barnes & Noble.
Also in e-book form at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and other e-book retailers around the web.

By Mary E. Lowd. Published by FurPlanet (July 2015).

Cover of the book "Furry Fiction is Everywhere"

Furry Fiction is Everywhere

Have you ever read a book or novel and wondered why they even bothered to make certain character(s) in the book something other than human? Want to avoid that in your own work?

There are some simple steps you can take to make your anthropomorphic (or furry) characters stand out on the page. This guide will walk you through step-by-step how to build a believable furry species, world, and characters.

Includes downloadable worksheets to get you jump started on your furry writing journey.


Available for sale at Amazon.
Also in e-book form at the Kindle store, and other e-book retailers around the web.

By Ian Madison Keller & Mary E. Lowd. Published by Rainbow Dog Press (September 2021).