Art Project:  Chimera Creatures

June 2016

The Subjects:
For this project, subjects were gathered from local dispensaries of unwanted toys.  Most of the specimens were procured from various Goodwills, but a few were found at St. Vinnie's and Sarah's Treasures.  Excluding a few exceptional specimens, they all cost between $1 and $2.  Even the exceptional ones cost at most $4.  In order for a specimen to be suitable, it had to be in good condition, contain nice parts, but be -- shall we say -- uninspiring in its totallity.  Several specimens were rejected for inclusion due to being too lovable in their original, unaltered forms.  All of the specimens selected for final inclusion in the project are pictured below in Fig. 1 - 3.

The Process:
Once suitable specimens were selected for inclusion in this project, next began the dissections.  Here, you can see each specimen laid out scientifically for the sake of proper record-keeping.

The Results:
On the left:  Eustace is clearly fabulous and inspired instant and total love in the first three-year-old who saw him.
On the right:  Norman is an excellent dancer.

Below:  Edmund is exceptionally huggable.

Below:  Cornflower's new butterfly wings, lizard tail, and friendly blue arms make her more than just a run-of-the-mill unicorn.

Future Work:
There are plenty of high quality parts left for assembling more wonderful chimeras.

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