Celestial Fragments Trilogy

Cover art by Josephe Vandel

The Snake’s Song: A Labyrinth of Souls Novel

The Celestial Fragments, Book 1

When a creature of the treetops listens to the song of a snake, she finds herself drawn into an adventure deep under the earth. Witch-Hazel was never good at being a squirrel. She could never find her lost stashes of acorns, but maybe she can prove herself by finding a treasure that matters much more — the lost Celestial Fragments of the All-Being. Witch-Hazel’s quest takes her through labyrinths, lost mole cities, and underground kingdoms. She faces riddles from a leontaur, an army of ghost moles, and sorcerer crabs, but she also makes unexpected friends. Can Witch-Hazel find the Celestial Fragments and make it back to the sunlight world above? If she survives, will she be the same squirrel who began her journey, or has she been forever changed by the snake’s song?

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By Mary E. Lowd. Published by ShadowSpinners Press (March 2018).

Book cover for "The Bee's Waltz" by Mary E. Lowd
Cover art by Josephe Vandel

The Bee’s Waltz: A Labyrinth of Souls Novel

The Celestial Fragments, Book 2

After generations of living in a purple dogwood, Zwi’s hive needs to find a new tree to call home. The honeybee has been searching everywhere for a tree blessed by the All-Being, while her squirrel friend, Witch-Hazel, tags along. But then Witch-Hazel begins seeing visions of her long-lost, beloved otter friend, Fish-Breath, guiding her on a journey toward the All-Being’s castle in the sky. To complete their quests, the honeybee and squirrel must seek favors from a mysterious Luna moth, brave the temptations of a unicorn’s garden, and avoid being drawn into the ongoing rivalry between a flock of ravens and a golden eagle living on the stem of giant beanstalk stretching into the sky.

If the honeybee and squirrel can hold the course, they just might learn the secret behind why the endless rivers between the earth and sky dried up long ago and heal a timeless wound to their world. But most importantly, maybe Witch-Hazel will get to see Fish-Breath again.

For sale in paperback and ebook at Amazon.
By Mary E. Lowd. Published by ShadowSpinners Press (November 2021).

Cover art by Josephe Vandel

The Otter’s Wings: A Labyrinth of Souls Novel

The Celestial Fragments, Book 3

After returning from their visit to the All-Being, Witch-Hazel the squirrel tries to retire in Riverton with her friends Fish-Breath the otter and Twiggy the beaver.  But their adventures haunt them, in the form of Fish-Breath’s un-otter-like wings, gifted by the Celestial Fragments.  A dangerous, magical figure tracks Fish-Breath down, and the three friends find themselves back on the run in Twiggy’s hot air balloon, trying to escape the frightening shadow-cats and looking for a way to extract the Celestial Fragments from Fish-Breath’s body.

The adventurers seek help on an island of gryphons, from a mad scientist octopus, and in the watery realm of a koi fish queen.  All the while, Witch-Hazel’s connection to the magic flowing through their world grows, and she begins to suspect there are deep secrets about the nature of magic and their world that the queens of the elemental realms haven’t been telling her.

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By Mary E. Lowd. Published by ShadowSpinners Press (November 2022).